Life Coaching

The term life coaching generally refers to coaching, guidance, or teaching in areas of personal and career) development and stress management. Life coaching is a very positive and natural approach to seeking direction and motivation for change. Life coaching styles inevitably vary from coach to coach due to different credentials.

Doctor coaches by guiding you to organize your thoughts, understand your behavioural, thinking, and emotional patterns, and to realize your potential for growth and development. Under her guidance you are learning to explore your own mind, brain, behaviour, emotions, and thoughts with the expertise of a teacher trained in neuroscience, psychology, and yoga. Doctor also teaches mindfulness and stress reduction techniques in one-on-one and group settings (e.g., Relaxation, Yoga, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Meditation, workshops).

The purpose of Life Coaching is to teach you the art and science of positive change while working with the positive qualities and attributes that you already possess. These teachings help you to restore balance and health.