How to Obtain a Medical Cannabis Card in Canada

If you are trying to get a medical cannabis card online or offline in Canada, you would need to follow these three simple steps to know the ways of getting Canada medical marijuana card from authorized producers under MMPR (Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations).

Step 1: Visit a Health Care Practitioner

medical cannabis card online

During the consultation, treatment decisions can be made better with your doctor. As per MMPR, an approved healthcare practitioner comprises nurse practitioners and physicians in all territories and provinces. You can schedule an appointment to discuss various matters with your healthcare practitioner including:

  • Your current medical conditions and symptoms.
  • Your previous therapies or any medications that you have taken in the past or using currently to treat your health condition.
  • Tell about any of the side effects that you have gone through from conventional treatments and medications to your healthcare practitioner.

Step 2: Get a Medical Document from your Healthcare Practitioner

medical cannabis card online

If your healthcare practitioner believes that to get medical marijuana is a better option to treat the symptoms of your condition, you should ask your doctor to fulfill the medical document. Only an authorized healthcare practitioner can help you to obtain a medical cannabis card online.

  • To get this card online, you need to download the medical document from the official website of the licensed producer of your choice. The healthcare practitioners will provide you with the information in the format of their choice.
  • After downloading, take a printed copy of the medical document to your doctor’s appointment so that he or she can complete the form.
  • Ensure your doctor involves all of the required information on the medical document which is dated and signed.

Step 3: Register with a Licensed Producer

medical cannabis card online

 The last step of getting a medical cannabis card online is to register yourself as a client with your preferred licensed producer once you have got the go-ahead from your healthcare practitioner and received a medical document. However, the process of registration might slightly differ from producer to producer. It is true that every producer will ask you to submit the full original medical document completed and signed by your healthcare practitioner along with their own registration form before your order medical cannabis. Once you get registered as a client, you can feel free to order dried cannabis from the licensed producer. This way, you can have a medical cannabis card online with these three easy steps.