How to Help a Heroin Addict

Heroin abuse can be one of the most difficult of addictions to treat. Counseling works, but with it, an addicted person requires medicine to recover fully. You can find help in an outpatient rehab if the addiction is mild. However, if you are heavily dependent on heroin then the professionals of the detox center in Windsor thinks that you need a rehabilitation center for full recovery. The path to recovery is hard and thorny, but with right medications and therapy, you can stay sober for the rest of your life. To get help for yourself or to help other addicts you need to go through the following points carefully.
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Recognize the Problem

You need to understand that getting addicted is never the addict’s fault. Addiction is kind of a disease. Any addict will need professional help to cure the disease. You should tell the addict that they need to work hard to become free from the addiction, think the experts of detox center in Windsor. To do that, help them realize their situation and accept it.

Never Let the Addict Be Alone

The social stigmas and the negativity that the addicts face, is really heartbreaking. Try to help the person to negate those stinging remarks. Take them to the therapy sessions, to doctors and help them to heal fully.


The experts of the detox center in Windsor say that there is some common medicine which is prescribed to the addicts. Some of the names are listed below.

  • Buprenorphine: This medicine helps with withdrawals and cravings of the addict.
  • Methadone: The use of this medicine is somewhat controversial, but the doctors use it.
  • Naltrexone: This is also used in treating the alcoholics.
  • Suboxone: This relieves the withdrawal pain and inhibits the effects of heroin.

Though these medicines are easily available it is advisable not to use them without prescription.


After the rehab is complete, the addict needs to continue being sober for the rest of life. This proves to be challenging for many addicts. You need to help them stay focus on the process of recovery. Therapists can be a great help in these situations. They can provide the addicts with methods to cope with the cravings.

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Tips to Prevent Relapse

According to the experts of the Neworld detox center in Windsor, the addict needs to follow certain tips to avoid the provocation of relapsing. Here is a list of things which can help the addicts stay sober.

  • Don’t Stop The Medicines: You should continue the medications according to doctor’s prescription. Do not stop taking medicines just because you feel fine. Stopping these medicines can lead the addict to post-acute heroine withdrawal cravings and symptoms. This withdrawal often leads to relapse.
  • Counseling and Meeting: Heroin has a long-lasting effect on the brain even if the drug is out of the system. The addict needs to continue the therapy to avoid temptations of relapsing.
  • Careful of New Medicines: You should tell your doctor about your heroin problem. Many recovering addict relapse just because their doctors have prescribed opiate-based medicines. Do not become one of such patients. The experts of the detox center in Windsor tell you to be smart and open about the addiction.

Heroin addiction treatments are available out there. You just need to be vocal about your problem or the problem of a loved one.